Project Eve Part 5

Tickled Imposter! (1080)
Last episode, Ticklante had arrived, just in time to stop his female counterpart, the Ticklista (Chosmira), as she terrorized executive assistant, Kitty Kinnetic, at Perfect Fit Shoes. The two masked tickle ninjas fight it out and Ticklista finds herself on the losing end, after losing a shoe! Her unshod foot is the key to her comeuppance, as Ticklante tickles her into complete submission!

Soon, the villainous imposter is bound and tickle interrogated! Feathers and fingernails on her super-sensitive soles and wiggling toes, both from Ticklante and from Ticklista’s former victim, send the sexy lady villain into gales of panicked laughter and pleas for mercy!

Though, she claimed to be searching for Perfect Fit Shoes new shoe designs, we discover her true target is something that’s been hidden in the designs … something that Ticklante will want VERY badly! The tickle intrigue and foot-filled espionage continues!

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