Genie Eve Grants Lea 3 Wishes *Wish 1*

Lea goes to lay down after a long day of work and she feels something hard under her pillow. When she checks she finds a genie lamp… She rubs it and appears a magical genie, Eve! Eve has arrived to grant her 3 wishes. The first wish is to tickle the genie’s feet. It always makes Lea feel better to tickle someone… and she’s never tickled a genie before. For Lea’s second wish she wishes to have Eve worship her feet. Eve hasn’t done a lot of foot worshiping in her genie days but she must grant her any 3 wishes she wants! For the 3rd and final wish Le requests to use it against someone- “you can wish for anything against or for anyone!” Lea doesn’t like her mother-in-law too much so she wishes to tickle torture her! Well, Lea’s 3 wishes have been granted. Eve must go!


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