Tickled Theiving Ex-Wife

Snooty heiress, Suri Atherton (Jasmine Shy) is about to collect a fortune from her late ex-husband’s estate. But first, the executor of her ex-husband’s will has been charged with the task of putting the elitist little bitch through a test. Suri was notorious for blowing her ex-hubby’s money on shoes, so now she must survive for an evening without them. Little does she know, part of the test includes being tied up and tickled mercilessly on her pampered, little feet! All she has to do is NOT beg for her shoes and she’ll be set for life! But, that may be easier said than done, as feathers and fingernails torment her super-soft soles and twitching, ticklish toes! Can the ill-tempered, ticklish rich bitch hold out? Watch for the surprise ending! (HD)

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