Tales Of The Tickleante

Pt. 2: Laughing Stocks! (1080)
Last episode, Natalya (Shauna Ryanne) freed herself and she and the Ticklante captured Amazonian crime boss, Betty Black (Essex Machina) and her attache’ (Ms. Lacy Lynn). Now, the two fatal femmes find themselves in the stocks, with their helpless bare feet at Natalya’s whim! The sexy redhead wants to shake the bad girls down for money, before really getting down to business. The attache’ is first up and must endure the full foot treatment of the feather, fingernails and brush! However, the show REALLY begins, when Natalya goes after Betty Black’s big, slender, size 12 feet! Whether it’s a feather or fingernails, the statuesque, domineering mob diva can’t handle any tickling on her big, bare soles and long, wiggly toes! And just when it seems like it can’t get any worse, Ticklante steps up to take over! Part 2 of 3. (1080)

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