Loosen Up – Foot Worship Part 1

Luminous is a teachers aid and she’s helping to grade papers when bad girl, Violet, stumbles in and tries to get Luminous to cheat and look up their next test answers on the teachers computer. Luminous is a conservative, good girl and she doesn’t want to hurt her reputation or lose her position. Violet is persistant and lets Luminous know just how beautiful she thinks she is. Luminous is clearly uncomfortable and wants Violet to leave… but Violet corners her schoolgirl friend and plants a big messy kiss on her. Luminous quickly succumbs to her lesbian desires and begins aggressively and passionately making out with Violet. (PREVIOUSLY SEEN ON www.taylorsfetishemporium.com ) This scene opens where Luminous confesses something to her naughty persuasive school girl friend… “You wanted me to let loose… well how about this… I have a foot fetish and I want to worship your feet!” Violet is excited to see this conservative school girl get loose and naughty and kinky!! Luminous removes her friends shoe and deeply inhales before smelling her socked feet and then worshiping her bare soles. Luminous sucks her toes which are overly sensitive! She continues her passionate footworship session until Violet inturrupts her and offers to worship Luminous’ feet in return! TO BE CONTINUED…

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