The Hunt For Natalya

Thanks to fan response, Inessa Joy (from the “Kicking and Screaming” series) has returned! Join her and Isabella DeVille, in this sitcom-style, VELLICATRICES UNLIMITED-inspired tickle-fest! Inessa stars as Ravyn Klaw, a Plumenatti special ops agent, accused of harboring a traitor. Super agent, Laughing Girl (Isabella), is sent to bring her in, but first, she’s determined to find out where Ravyn’s friend, Natalya, is hiding. She subdues the sexy brunette, in cartoon fashion, and unleashes her long, lacquered nails on Ravyn’s slender, nylon-clad, size 9 soles! But wait, it gets even worse, when the jester-like supervillainess uses her flexible toes to tickle Ravyn’s vulnerable armpits! Between the toes in her armpits and the nails on her super-sensitive, nylon soles, Ravyn writhes and squeaks and guffaws in ticklish agony! Will she survive this ordeal? (HD)

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