Carissa Montgomery Likes Licking Feet

Carissa Montgomery is a very busty and ticklish milf that has a few weaknesses. One of which is licking sexy wrinkled soles. When we had her in for her second shoot we were in a hotel room for Fetishcon 2011. We brought her in with Taylor Raz and really took advantage of her desires as you can see below.

Carissas Sole Desire HD
Having Taylors Feet To Worship And Tickle

Carissa Montgomery has been waiting to get a chance to worship Taylors feet for awhile and when she finally gets the chance she is very excited. She starts licking her soles and when Taylor starts giggling she can’t help but tickle them a little. Carissa licks and nibbles each foot and really gets Taylor going when her tongue tickles between her toes. Carissa makes it a point to lick and suck each of her toes and even nibbles both feet at once.

Download It Here

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