Footjob Lessons From Mom – Taylor Raz

Tay just returned home from a super hot first date and one thing lead to another sexually so she starts giving him a blow job. Well a few minutes in her dates mom walks in! SO EMBARASSING! But instead of getting angry, MILF Charlee Chase buts in with a few tips on how to really please her son! He likes feet! If Tay wants to win her sons heart she’s going to have to give him a foojob! Charlee first shows Tay how to use her feet and toes on his cock. This makes him throbbing hard! Tay gives it a try and it seems as if she’s a natural. Charlee jerks off her son onto Tay’s highly arched wrinkled soles. Looks like Tay locked in a second date with this foot loving hottie.

Clip preview click HERE


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