@Adrianaxlynn in Stocking Loving Footjob Slut

Hi, I’m Adrianna Lynn and I’m here with my little foot slut. You like my nice little tiny feet? They are a size six. They are really pretty aren’t’ they? Do my stockings feel good all over your dick? You like watching my little toes all over your cock. Makes you want to cum doesn’t it? My legs look so good in my stockings. My feet look so good all over your hard cock. Dont’ cum until I tell you to. I know you want to. I can feel how hard your cock is between my toes. You’re my little bitch boy. My little foot slut. Do you want my stockings and toes all over your face? Come here, I know you want it. You like my toes in your mouth. It makes your cock hard when I put my toes in your mouth. Here, let me give you a better taste. Put my stockings in your mouth. You like my bare feet? I’ll give you one bare foot and one with the stocking on. Why don’t you lick my toe, you little foot slut! I’m going to rub my feet all over your cock before I let you cum. Are you ready to cum all over these pretty little feet? Ok, I’m going to let you cum now. All over my feet. One stocking, One bare. I’m going to rub your cum between my toes and into my stockings. Are you glad I let you cum?


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