Goddess Valora: Tickled For Tardiness! @FTKL


Sexy, blue-haired vixen Goddess Valora is 3 hours late for her shoot with us and is taking her time getting ready. This is the 5th time we’ve tried to shoot with her, so we have a little surprise in mind for her! Instead of an easy foot fetish shoot, she’s getting tied up and tickled!

The entitled brat realizes she’s in for more than she bargained for, as soon as her shoes come off! Her pretty, soft-soles squirm and wrinkle as fingernails, feather, the brush and the steel claw send her into a tickle-frenzy! She tries bargaining and even threats, but her tender tootsies aren’t due for a break anytime soon! More with Goddess Valora coming soon! Enjoy!

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