Black Wedge Worship. Oil on Toes & Soles @mimirosexxx


Hi, my name is Mimi and my feet are a size 6 1/2. Do you like my shoes? I wore them to a party last week. I forgot to take my shoes off all night and my feet are so sore and cramp. Would you like to rub them with oil? The party was a big orgy and I got to go down on a bunch of girls and was fucked by so many guys! It was fantastic! Would you like me to take my shoes off? I got a pedicure yesterday and the lady gave me a nice massage and painted my toe nails. I tipped her well. I’m going to get my oil out and show you how I like my feet rubbed. Oh my god! That feels fantastic. I’m so glad my feet are not too big and they are petite, they are fun sized! I was a gymnast and I can prove it by putting my feet in my own mouth. Lick all the oil off my feet!


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