@Chanel_Monroe5 & @AutummKlineee in Oily Big Tit & Feet Rub

Hi, I’m Chanel and I’m here with my friend Autumn and we are going to get down with some big oily titty play. We love pouring lots of oil all over our titties. We are going to shake them and rub them in circles around each other’s titties. So slippery, it feels so good. The more oil the better. It’s nice to get a titty massage. Warm; slippery oil is the best! Wait, I have an idea for me and Autumn. Let’s rub each other’s titties with our feet! Oily feet and titties. It feels different, but we love it. It feels so good. Autumn is going to give me the best titty foot job after the way I have taught her. This is so much better than your hands. I’m impressed Autumn, that was the best titty foot job I’ve ever had! Thank you!



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