Footjob Addict Jessica Jones


After giving my first footjob I can’t stop thinking about how it feels and I want to do more. You won’t mind if I wrap my sexy size 10′s around that big cock for a bit right? I really love how it feels when your cock grows harder and harder between my soles. Do you like it when I rub your cock like this? Mmmm thats so hot to watch I’m getting turned on so much. I bet I’m gonna cum when you explode all over my feet. Thats it baby give me all that cum, cover my big feet. Thanks for feeding my footjob addiction. Cum back again soon!!


New Ebony Bombshell Jenna J. Foxx


Young Jenna J. Foxx is by far one of the sexiest ebony girls I have EVER seen! Not only is she incredibly sexy, she has all the perfect natural assets too! Her personality, laugh, smile, breast, ass, thighs, soles, she is the total package! Recently we had the pleasure of working with her when we found out she has never given a footjob! You all know as well as I do there was absolutely no way we could pass up seeing this beauty’s soles wrapped around a cock so we found her a more than willing participate who she made explode! Talk about hot! Not only are her feet super hot covered in cum but Camille got to experience just how ticklish her feet were later in the day! I honestly don’t know who had more fun with Jenna’s sexy soles. Our footjob participant of Camille! Anywho! Enough rambling! You will be able to find Jenna’s first footjob ever at within the next few days, her ticklish soles at & tons more from Jenna at or by clicking her photo above!


Also find a sexy foot photo set of Jenna here!

@Chanel_Monroe5 in My Naughty Boy POV Foot Fetish


Hey, my naughty boy. I know you want to come over here and take off my heels and play with these feet. Don’t you love that? Don’t you want to cum all over my feet? Cum on my toes? Will you be my dirty nasty boy? I want you to always rub on my feet and keep me happy. Cum suck on these toes, Dam it! You know you want to. You know you want to lick all over the toes like this baby. You like that don’t you, you dirty boy. I wish you were here to pour baby oil all over these feet. I’ll treat you like the little dirty fuck that you are. What are you waiting for? You know you want to be my dirty boy. Lick my toes, play with my arches of my feet. Come on dirty boy! Get your ass over here!

Goddess Valora: Tickled For Tardiness! @FTKL


Sexy, blue-haired vixen Goddess Valora is 3 hours late for her shoot with us and is taking her time getting ready. This is the 5th time we’ve tried to shoot with her, so we have a little surprise in mind for her! Instead of an easy foot fetish shoot, she’s getting tied up and tickled!

The entitled brat realizes she’s in for more than she bargained for, as soon as her shoes come off! Her pretty, soft-soles squirm and wrinkle as fingernails, feather, the brush and the steel claw send her into a tickle-frenzy! She tries bargaining and even threats, but her tender tootsies aren’t due for a break anytime soon! More with Goddess Valora coming soon! Enjoy!

@Chanel_Monroe5 & @AutummKlineee in Oily Big Tit & Feet Rub

Hi, I’m Chanel and I’m here with my friend Autumn and we are going to get down with some big oily titty play. We love pouring lots of oil all over our titties. We are going to shake them and rub them in circles around each other’s titties. So slippery, it feels so good. The more oil the better. It’s nice to get a titty massage. Warm; slippery oil is the best! Wait, I have an idea for me and Autumn. Let’s rub each other’s titties with our feet! Oily feet and titties. It feels different, but we love it. It feels so good. Autumn is going to give me the best titty foot job after the way I have taught her. This is so much better than your hands. I’m impressed Autumn, that was the best titty foot job I’ve ever had! Thank you!