Kaisey Deans First Time

Kaisey Deans Sexy Soles


Sexy newcomer Kaisey Dean made quite a splash in her first footjob scene:

Young Kaisey Dean has never given a footjob but expressed a willingness to try. As soon as her feet touch the cock you can tel shes a natural. Soles up and soles down Kaisey runs her sexy feet faster and faster. Her skillful pumping soon tires her legs so she finishes up with a massive cumshot on her virgin feet.

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@Roxie_Rae – Loser Husband Gets Foot Smothered….. Pantyhose Clip Of The Week



Roxie Rae has come home after working all day to find her loser husband laying in the couch watching TV, and she is fed up. She asked him to do one thing today, to take out the trash and he couldn’t even do that. Roxie is on her feet all day at work, and her pantyhose get really sweaty.. She may be little but Roxie hops on top of him and holds him down with her sweaty nylon clad soles. Roxie smothers him so that the only thing he can breathe in is the smell of her hard working feet. Roxie tells him what a loser he is, and forces him to smell her sweaty feet and heels. She smothers him completely. He begs and trys to get up saying he will take out the trash but Roxie ignores him and shuts him up by shoving her foot over his mouth. Once Roxie is done, she lets him know that this will be his new punishment, and leaves him there with the smell of her sweaty feet on his face.

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First Time Footgirl Scarlette

Has Really Ticklish Feet

Young Scarlette Rose came in the other day and as soon as Bridgette found out she was ticklish she had to see for herself. After the interview she starts by tickling Scarlettes size 7 1/2 feet. Scarlette begins laughing and struggling like crazy but can’t escape Bridgettes fingers. Bridgette decides to give her a bit of a break by worshiping her feet for the very first time but even that tickles a bit. After a bit of lickling Bridgette realizes that Scarlette is way too ticklish to torment unrestrained.

Ms Whitney Morgan in My Creamy Feet

Last but not least the beautiful blond bombshell Ms Whitney Morgan gives you a proper foot show with that creamy lotion of hers at The Funhouse today. As you already seen, she really knows how to get her hands all nice and creamy plus her beautiful sexy body as well. Now for all the foot lovers out there, we have a nice treat for you with this clip today. As Whitney is sitting on the couch in that sexy black lingerie set, she lays back and holds those beautiful feet up close to the camera so you can get the perfect view that you have been waiting for. The way she wiggles her toes just makes you want to reach out and massage them for her but she’s going to let you sit back and enjoy this one with her doing all the work. As she takes that bottle of lotion, she gently pours them on each little toe one by one, the way she gets into it makes the scene so hot. Then she gently rubs that creamy lotion into her toes and the rest of her beautiful feet, you can tell she is in paradise as she does this!


First Time Foot Girl Alyssa Branch

Sexy 20 year old Alyssa Branch joined Taylor Raz for her first time experience with us. During her interview Taylor discovers that Alyssa has size 8 feet that have never been worshipped. Knowing how much Taylor likes feet we knew the minute she stripped of Alyssas sock and sniffed her feet this was going to be hot. Taylor worships and tickles Alyssas soles and toes making her laugh and struggle but she cant get away. Taylor finds every single spot on Alyssas feet and even goes after her ribs in this hot scene recorded during a live broadcast on The Ticklechat.





First Time Foot Girl Emily Benjamins Licklish Feet

Are Super Sensitive

Emily Benjamins has some very ticklish feet according to her and Bella Roxx wants to see how bad they really are. After a brief interview she tickles Emilys bare soles and gets her laughing. When Bella starts worshiping and lickling them Emily almost loses it from the unique sensations. Bella thoroughly explores her feet with fingers and tongue and finds all her spots before she decides it’s time to tie her down.