The Interns New Job!

Ms. Harper’s new intern Sadie isn’t doing a very good job with her new position and Ms. Harper isn’t very happy about it! Hope calls Sadie into her office to put her in her place and give her a little training for her new job. Sadie desperate to keep employment is willing to do EXACTLY what Ms. Harper says. Including rubbing, kissing, licking, sucking & totally worshipping Ms. Harper’s tiny feet!

@Adrianaxlynn in Stocking Loving Footjob Slut

Hi, I’m Adrianna Lynn and I’m here with my little foot slut. You like my nice little tiny feet? They are a size six. They are really pretty aren’t’ they? Do my stockings feel good all over your dick? You like watching my little toes all over your cock. Makes you want to cum doesn’t it? My legs look so good in my stockings. My feet look so good all over your hard cock. Dont’ cum until I tell you to. I know you want to. I can feel how hard your cock is between my toes. You’re my little bitch boy. My little foot slut. Do you want my stockings and toes all over your face? Come here, I know you want it. You like my toes in your mouth. It makes your cock hard when I put my toes in your mouth. Here, let me give you a better taste. Put my stockings in your mouth. You like my bare feet? I’ll give you one bare foot and one with the stocking on. Why don’t you lick my toe, you little foot slut! I’m going to rub my feet all over your cock before I let you cum. Are you ready to cum all over these pretty little feet? Ok, I’m going to let you cum now. All over my feet. One stocking, One bare. I’m going to rub your cum between my toes and into my stockings. Are you glad I let you cum?


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Tickling Desirees Feet @desireelopezxxx

Desiree has never given a footjob before and wanted to try out with you. Desiree enjoys getting her feet massaged but when they get tickled right it makes her a bit hot apparently. She starts playing with your cock while you lightly tickle her fishnet covered soles. Desiree starts sucking your cock getting it nice and wet in between your tickle attacks. After several minutes she wraps her feet arounfd your cock and begins to stroke. She removes the stockings and tickling her bare feet makes it even more intense for her. Desiree wraps her feet tight to your cock , sucking and stroking until you explode all over her feet. As soon as you cum you tickle her feet one last time making her really happy.


Abra-Ka-Laughter! @FTKL


Mistress Maroe and Whitney Morgan star as a 2nd rate magician and her smart ass assistant. Maroe is trying to get Whitney to rehearse their new act, but Whitney is less than enthused. Tired of her assistant’s bad attitude, Maroe ties her up (as part of the act, of course). When Maroe ogles Whitney’s feet, she calls out her boss for being “a lesbo with a foot fetish”! That does it! Maroe decides to tickle some respect into Whitney!

The sexy blonde’s toes curl and squirm as she howls with laughter! But during her ticklish ordeal, the smarmy assistant gets her hands on Maroe’s wand and casts a spell that causes them to switch places! Soon, it’s Maroe’s turn to take a relentless tickling on her long, slender, size 10 feet and her ribs! The pervy mistress of magic laughs, squeals and begs for mercy, but Whitney wants Maroe’s job! Looks like these two are about to magically switch places, in more ways than one!


Tickle Disobedience! Pt. 3: Poli-Tickle Agenda! @FTKL


Welcome a cast of newcomers … FOUR BRAND NEW MODELS! Councilwoman Vanity Valentine (Alexandra) is favored to win the Stilettoville mayoral election, but Plumenatti agents Midnight Nurse (RocInked) and Inspector Akai (Tessa Arias) want to show her who really runs the city! The sexy blonde politician is captured, hogtied and mercilessly tickled on her vulnerable, nylon-clad feet! Inspector Akai wants the giggling, squealing, laugh-addled councilwoman to reconsider the anti-vigilante bill, but Valentine favors the city’s costumed guardians. Unfortunately her scrunching, flexing, flailing feet don’t favor the tickle torment they’re enduring!

Meanwhile, Midnight Nurse catches one of Councilwoman Valentine’s bodyguards, a female cop (Angel) and ties her up, to make her give up info about the councilwoman’s security detail! Can Councilwoman Valentine hold out? Will someone rescue her? To be continued!


Roxie Rae & Natalie Lane – Foot Worship Job Interview



Roxie Rae is all dressed up and super nervous about her job interview. She has been waiting all week, and is really in need of a job. She comes in to meet Natalie Lane. Natalie begins to ask her question’s and tells her one of the main requirements is Roxie needs to be able to serve her, and do as she say’s. Roxie agrees… Natalie puts her foot up on the table and tells Roxie that she needs to worship her feet.. that this will be one of her main requirement’s. Roxie is appalled, and think’s that Natalie is joking. Little does she know Natalie is not joking… and Roxie really needs this job. Roxie peels off Natalie’s heel and takes a sniff. Roxie can not believe how bad that Natalie’s sweaty nylon soles smell. Natalie has been working all day and wearing her pantyhose with heels. Roxie begins to lick up and down Natalie’s sweaty nylon clad soles…. Once Natalie has had enough she tells Roxie to follow her she has a better idea. Natalie brings Roxie over to her couch and removes her pantyhose and tells Roxie she now wants her to worship her sweaty bare soles. Natalie relaxes as Roxie licks every inch of Natalie’s wrinkled soles and toes. Roxie gets into it sucking her toes and placing Natalie’s soft soles on her face while she licks and sucks them. Natalie realizes the time and tells Roxie that she has to leave because her net appointment will arrive any minute, that 3 other people are applying for the job.,.. Roxie can’t believe what she is hearing. Roxie expects after what she has done tha she will get the job. Natalie laughs and tells Roxie to close the door behind her, and she will be in touch!

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@Roxie_Rae – Loser Husband Gets Foot Smothered….. Pantyhose Clip Of The Week



Roxie Rae has come home after working all day to find her loser husband laying in the couch watching TV, and she is fed up. She asked him to do one thing today, to take out the trash and he couldn’t even do that. Roxie is on her feet all day at work, and her pantyhose get really sweaty.. She may be little but Roxie hops on top of him and holds him down with her sweaty nylon clad soles. Roxie smothers him so that the only thing he can breathe in is the smell of her hard working feet. Roxie tells him what a loser he is, and forces him to smell her sweaty feet and heels. She smothers him completely. He begs and trys to get up saying he will take out the trash but Roxie ignores him and shuts him up by shoving her foot over his mouth. Once Roxie is done, she lets him know that this will be his new punishment, and leaves him there with the smell of her sweaty feet on his face.

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Jealous Neighbors



Vanessa has been spying on her neighbor, Stella and is jealous of her relationship with one of her foot slaves because Stella won’t let her worship her feet. Vanessa will do anything so she sneaks into her home and waits for her to enter the room and then jumps her with a chem soacked rag which puts her to sleep. FINALLY Vanessa can fulfill her lustful footsie desires.

After a few minutes Stella comes too and notices the rag laying next to her and quickly figures out what has happened. She returns the gesture and kn0cks her out! Stella knows what her neighbor is up to and she secretly has been wanting to worship her feet as well. Stella enjoys Vanessa’s pantyhose feet before ripping them open and worshiping her bare feet too. She’s had enough, grabs her book, and leaves her neighbor laying on her bed as she goes to call the cops.