The Interns New Job!

Ms. Harper’s new intern Sadie isn’t doing a very good job with her new position and Ms. Harper isn’t very happy about it! Hope calls Sadie into her office to put her in her place and give her a little training for her new job. Sadie desperate to keep employment is willing to do EXACTLY what Ms. Harper says. Including rubbing, kissing, licking, sucking & totally worshipping Ms. Harper’s tiny feet!

@kimber_leexxx in I Know You’ve Been Wanting this in my New Socks


Kimber’s BF has been begging her to try to give him a footjob, especially in her awesome new bright pink socks. She has been holding out on him till today, Kimber wanted to make sure her BF really wanted it. She had just gotten these nice knee high bright pink socks and a new bra and pantie set. She starts off showing off her socks, showing you the bottom of them. Kimber then slowly starts to rub her knees over her BF’s pants teasing him. She slowly pulls out his cock and rubs her new socks all over her him getting him nice and hard. She places him in between her feet and starts to go up and down. Kimber comments on how hard he is, she takes off her socks to finish him off till he explodes all over her toes. For a first time footjob Kimber was amazing, hopefully she will come back for more

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@Chanel_Monroe5 in My Naughty Boy POV Foot Fetish


Hey, my naughty boy. I know you want to come over here and take off my heels and play with these feet. Don’t you love that? Don’t you want to cum all over my feet? Cum on my toes? Will you be my dirty nasty boy? I want you to always rub on my feet and keep me happy. Cum suck on these toes, Dam it! You know you want to. You know you want to lick all over the toes like this baby. You like that don’t you, you dirty boy. I wish you were here to pour baby oil all over these feet. I’ll treat you like the little dirty fuck that you are. What are you waiting for? You know you want to be my dirty boy. Lick my toes, play with my arches of my feet. Come on dirty boy! Get your ass over here!

@Adrianaxlynn in Stocking Loving Footjob Slut

Hi, I’m Adrianna Lynn and I’m here with my little foot slut. You like my nice little tiny feet? They are a size six. They are really pretty aren’t’ they? Do my stockings feel good all over your dick? You like watching my little toes all over your cock. Makes you want to cum doesn’t it? My legs look so good in my stockings. My feet look so good all over your hard cock. Dont’ cum until I tell you to. I know you want to. I can feel how hard your cock is between my toes. You’re my little bitch boy. My little foot slut. Do you want my stockings and toes all over your face? Come here, I know you want it. You like my toes in your mouth. It makes your cock hard when I put my toes in your mouth. Here, let me give you a better taste. Put my stockings in your mouth. You like my bare feet? I’ll give you one bare foot and one with the stocking on. Why don’t you lick my toe, you little foot slut! I’m going to rub my feet all over your cock before I let you cum. Are you ready to cum all over these pretty little feet? Ok, I’m going to let you cum now. All over my feet. One stocking, One bare. I’m going to rub your cum between my toes and into my stockings. Are you glad I let you cum?


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Black Wedge Worship. Oil on Toes & Soles @mimirosexxx


Hi, my name is Mimi and my feet are a size 6 1/2. Do you like my shoes? I wore them to a party last week. I forgot to take my shoes off all night and my feet are so sore and cramp. Would you like to rub them with oil? The party was a big orgy and I got to go down on a bunch of girls and was fucked by so many guys! It was fantastic! Would you like me to take my shoes off? I got a pedicure yesterday and the lady gave me a nice massage and painted my toe nails. I tipped her well. I’m going to get my oil out and show you how I like my feet rubbed. Oh my god! That feels fantastic. I’m so glad my feet are not too big and they are petite, they are fun sized! I was a gymnast and I can prove it by putting my feet in my own mouth. Lick all the oil off my feet!


@Chanel_Monroe5 & @AutummKlineee in Oily Big Tit & Feet Rub

Hi, I’m Chanel and I’m here with my friend Autumn and we are going to get down with some big oily titty play. We love pouring lots of oil all over our titties. We are going to shake them and rub them in circles around each other’s titties. So slippery, it feels so good. The more oil the better. It’s nice to get a titty massage. Warm; slippery oil is the best! Wait, I have an idea for me and Autumn. Let’s rub each other’s titties with our feet! Oily feet and titties. It feels different, but we love it. It feels so good. Autumn is going to give me the best titty foot job after the way I have taught her. This is so much better than your hands. I’m impressed Autumn, that was the best titty foot job I’ve ever had! Thank you!