Bambis Licklish Feet

Young Bambi Brooks is barely 4′ 11″ and has very tiny feet too. When Zoey gets a crack at her size 4′s she is in her glory. She licks and teases Bambis feet from toe to heel then she finds a few ticklish spots. Zoey tongue makes her giggle so much she can’t help but tickle her with her nails too. Needless to say Bambis licklish soles got a lot of attention that day!!

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Zoey’s Yummy Piggies


Angel stopped by for a visit the other day and soon the conversation turned to Zoey’s little feet. Angel talked Zoey into letting her worship them and that was all it took. She licked and sucked Zoeys soles then began to suck her toes. Angels tongue begins to tickle her a bit and she giggles between her moans. Angel gets her so worked up they wind up heading to the bedroom but thats another story.