Footjob Lessons From Mom – Taylor Raz

Tay just returned home from a super hot first date and one thing lead to another sexually so she starts giving him a blow job. Well a few minutes in her dates mom walks in! SO EMBARASSING! But instead of getting angry, MILF Charlee Chase buts in with a few tips on how to really please her son! He likes feet! If Tay wants to win her sons heart she’s going to have to give him a foojob! Charlee first shows Tay how to use her feet and toes on his cock. This makes him throbbing hard! Tay gives it a try and it seems as if she’s a natural. Charlee jerks off her son onto Tay’s highly arched wrinkled soles. Looks like Tay locked in a second date with this foot loving hottie.

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Look at you staring at MANDY and ROXIE and their sexy BAREFOOT SOLES. Their FEET are making you HARD in your pants. It’s so funny to BRATTY GIRLS MANDY and ROXIE that you are HARD and they can HARDLY tell. Your PENIS is so SMALL it’s like an accident. These BRAT GIRLS don’t want to look but they can’t even help it. MANDY and ROXIE can’t stop LAUGHING at you as they HUMILIATE you for having such a TINY PENIS. These girls know you want to JERK it to them so go ahead while they HUMILIATE you the entire time.

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@Adrianaxlynn in Stocking Loving Footjob Slut

Hi, I’m Adrianna Lynn and I’m here with my little foot slut. You like my nice little tiny feet? They are a size six. They are really pretty aren’t’ they? Do my stockings feel good all over your dick? You like watching my little toes all over your cock. Makes you want to cum doesn’t it? My legs look so good in my stockings. My feet look so good all over your hard cock. Dont’ cum until I tell you to. I know you want to. I can feel how hard your cock is between my toes. You’re my little bitch boy. My little foot slut. Do you want my stockings and toes all over your face? Come here, I know you want it. You like my toes in your mouth. It makes your cock hard when I put my toes in your mouth. Here, let me give you a better taste. Put my stockings in your mouth. You like my bare feet? I’ll give you one bare foot and one with the stocking on. Why don’t you lick my toe, you little foot slut! I’m going to rub my feet all over your cock before I let you cum. Are you ready to cum all over these pretty little feet? Ok, I’m going to let you cum now. All over my feet. One stocking, One bare. I’m going to rub your cum between my toes and into my stockings. Are you glad I let you cum?


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Tickling Desirees Feet @desireelopezxxx

Desiree has never given a footjob before and wanted to try out with you. Desiree enjoys getting her feet massaged but when they get tickled right it makes her a bit hot apparently. She starts playing with your cock while you lightly tickle her fishnet covered soles. Desiree starts sucking your cock getting it nice and wet in between your tickle attacks. After several minutes she wraps her feet arounfd your cock and begins to stroke. She removes the stockings and tickling her bare feet makes it even more intense for her. Desiree wraps her feet tight to your cock , sucking and stroking until you explode all over her feet. As soon as you cum you tickle her feet one last time making her really happy.


Goddess Valora: Tickled For Tardiness! @FTKL


Sexy, blue-haired vixen Goddess Valora is 3 hours late for her shoot with us and is taking her time getting ready. This is the 5th time we’ve tried to shoot with her, so we have a little surprise in mind for her! Instead of an easy foot fetish shoot, she’s getting tied up and tickled!

The entitled brat realizes she’s in for more than she bargained for, as soon as her shoes come off! Her pretty, soft-soles squirm and wrinkle as fingernails, feather, the brush and the steel claw send her into a tickle-frenzy! She tries bargaining and even threats, but her tender tootsies aren’t due for a break anytime soon! More with Goddess Valora coming soon! Enjoy!

Black Wedge Worship. Oil on Toes & Soles @mimirosexxx


Hi, my name is Mimi and my feet are a size 6 1/2. Do you like my shoes? I wore them to a party last week. I forgot to take my shoes off all night and my feet are so sore and cramp. Would you like to rub them with oil? The party was a big orgy and I got to go down on a bunch of girls and was fucked by so many guys! It was fantastic! Would you like me to take my shoes off? I got a pedicure yesterday and the lady gave me a nice massage and painted my toe nails. I tipped her well. I’m going to get my oil out and show you how I like my feet rubbed. Oh my god! That feels fantastic. I’m so glad my feet are not too big and they are petite, they are fun sized! I was a gymnast and I can prove it by putting my feet in my own mouth. Lick all the oil off my feet!