@kimber_leexxx in I Know You’ve Been Wanting this in my New Socks


Kimber’s BF has been begging her to try to give him a footjob, especially in her awesome new bright pink socks. She has been holding out on him till today, Kimber wanted to make sure her BF really wanted it. She had just gotten these nice knee high bright pink socks and a new bra and pantie set. She starts off showing off her socks, showing you the bottom of them. Kimber then slowly starts to rub her knees over her BF’s pants teasing him. She slowly pulls out his cock and rubs her new socks all over her him getting him nice and hard. She places him in between her feet and starts to go up and down. Kimber comments on how hard he is, she takes off her socks to finish him off till he explodes all over her toes. For a first time footjob Kimber was amazing, hopefully she will come back for more

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NIKKI, MANDY, ANDI, AVI, and TRIXIE are all in bed waiting on their late friend BRITTENI to start their SLEEP OVER fun. BRITTENI walks in all upset and the girls all ask her what’s wrong as she props herself in the middle of them in bed. BRITTENI tells the girls how her boyfriend dumped her and NIKKI speaks up saying she knows how to make her feel better. All the girls know what NIKKI means and they lay BRITTENI down and strip off her shirt and skirt, leaving BRITTENI in her sexy PINK BRAN & PANTIES set. NIKKI and MANDY each go to one of BRITTENI’S FEET and start to LICK her SOLES, WORSHIPING her FEET, already making BRITTENI feel better. At the same time NIKKI and MANDY are on BRITTENI’S FEET, TRIXIE is at her BELLY BUTTON sliding her TONGUE in and out as BRITTENI moans. BRITTENI’S arms above her head is perfect for ANDI and AVI each at one of BRITTENI’S ARMPITS LICKING. BRITTENI is being LICKED top to bottom by these 5 girls. They are making BRITTENI WET with all their LICKING and WORSHIPING. In no time they will make BRITTENI ORGASM from FOOT WORSHIP, BELLY BUTTON WORSHIP, and ARMPIT WORSHIP and forget all about her ex.

@Chanel_Monroe5 in My Naughty Boy POV Foot Fetish


Hey, my naughty boy. I know you want to come over here and take off my heels and play with these feet. Don’t you love that? Don’t you want to cum all over my feet? Cum on my toes? Will you be my dirty nasty boy? I want you to always rub on my feet and keep me happy. Cum suck on these toes, Dam it! You know you want to. You know you want to lick all over the toes like this baby. You like that don’t you, you dirty boy. I wish you were here to pour baby oil all over these feet. I’ll treat you like the little dirty fuck that you are. What are you waiting for? You know you want to be my dirty boy. Lick my toes, play with my arches of my feet. Come on dirty boy! Get your ass over here!

A Fanominal Footjob @mimirosexxx @baileyxpaige

As many of you know over the years we allow fans to come in and participate in their favorite scenes. The other day we had a fan join us for a shoot with Mimi Rose and Bailey Paige. The lucky fan got to worship and tickle both of their feet before being finished off with a double footjob. If his cumshot was any indication I’d say he truly enjoyed himself. Email us a copy of your receipt to see about being in your own scene at
We had to edit out the fans face so the dialog is slightly choppy but the tag team action is more than worth it.


Go on my Dolly Feet @Vionahm

I love being your little sailor Dolly and playing with your cock. I want you to do something special for me and cum on my Dolly socks. First I’m going to stroke you with my feet then get your cock nice and wet with my mouth. This is turning me on too much, fuck my Dolly pussy before you explode all over my socks baby.



Footjob Lessons From Mom – Taylor Raz

Tay just returned home from a super hot first date and one thing lead to another sexually so she starts giving him a blow job. Well a few minutes in her dates mom walks in! SO EMBARASSING! But instead of getting angry, MILF Charlee Chase buts in with a few tips on how to really please her son! He likes feet! If Tay wants to win her sons heart she’s going to have to give him a foojob! Charlee first shows Tay how to use her feet and toes on his cock. This makes him throbbing hard! Tay gives it a try and it seems as if she’s a natural. Charlee jerks off her son onto Tay’s highly arched wrinkled soles. Looks like Tay locked in a second date with this foot loving hottie.

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Look at you staring at MANDY and ROXIE and their sexy BAREFOOT SOLES. Their FEET are making you HARD in your pants. It’s so funny to BRATTY GIRLS MANDY and ROXIE that you are HARD and they can HARDLY tell. Your PENIS is so SMALL it’s like an accident. These BRAT GIRLS don’t want to look but they can’t even help it. MANDY and ROXIE can’t stop LAUGHING at you as they HUMILIATE you for having such a TINY PENIS. These girls know you want to JERK it to them so go ahead while they HUMILIATE you the entire time.

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@Adrianaxlynn in Stocking Loving Footjob Slut

Hi, I’m Adrianna Lynn and I’m here with my little foot slut. You like my nice little tiny feet? They are a size six. They are really pretty aren’t’ they? Do my stockings feel good all over your dick? You like watching my little toes all over your cock. Makes you want to cum doesn’t it? My legs look so good in my stockings. My feet look so good all over your hard cock. Dont’ cum until I tell you to. I know you want to. I can feel how hard your cock is between my toes. You’re my little bitch boy. My little foot slut. Do you want my stockings and toes all over your face? Come here, I know you want it. You like my toes in your mouth. It makes your cock hard when I put my toes in your mouth. Here, let me give you a better taste. Put my stockings in your mouth. You like my bare feet? I’ll give you one bare foot and one with the stocking on. Why don’t you lick my toe, you little foot slut! I’m going to rub my feet all over your cock before I let you cum. Are you ready to cum all over these pretty little feet? Ok, I’m going to let you cum now. All over my feet. One stocking, One bare. I’m going to rub your cum between my toes and into my stockings. Are you glad I let you cum?


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