Stop Perving My Piggies


Super brat princess Camille finds you being a sick perv and rubbing your cock thru your pants drooling over her feet! She uses her sexy soles to tease you into total submission while making sure you know just how sad and pathetic you are for liking feet. Stop being a perv and jerk it already! What are you waiting for?

Kaisey Deans First Time

Kaisey Deans Sexy Soles


Sexy newcomer Kaisey Dean made quite a splash in her first footjob scene:

Young Kaisey Dean has never given a footjob but expressed a willingness to try. As soon as her feet touch the cock you can tel shes a natural. Soles up and soles down Kaisey runs her sexy feet faster and faster. Her skillful pumping soon tires her legs so she finishes up with a massive cumshot on her virgin feet.

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Jessi Lopez Amazing Virgin Soles



Young Jessi is one of the cutest Latinas I’ve had the pleasure of working with. When we found out she had never given a footjob we knew we couldn’t pass this up. Anyway we also got to find out how ticklish her feet were a bit later in the day. You can find out more about Jessi and her scenes on JWTIES.COM or just click on her pic above.

Uncle Dick’s Tickle Slave

So I finally found out why my uncle sold me into slavery, he wanted a new tickle slave. Hogcuffed on his bed he has me at his mercy and takes full advantage to tickle my feet and all my other spots. No matter how much I beg he doesn’t stop but by the end he decides I’m not submissive enough yet so he’s sending me back for more training. I hope its not worse this time.

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Teach Me How @AlyssaBradyn

Sexy Alyssa Bradentine was talking with Evan when the topic of Footjobs came up. Alyssa has wanted to try one for awhile but needed someone to teach her so Evan jumped at the chance. Alyssa gets his cock hard with her soft hands then Evan has her lube up her sexy soles. He coaches her in several techniques before finally fucking her sexy soles and blowing his load all over them. Way to go Alyssa

Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep. 8: Laugh, Laughing Girl! @FTKL


Ticklante finally catches Luna C. Ward, aka – Laughing Girl, as she tries to steal a data chip containing secret info! The sexy, psychotic trickster is de-booted and tied up for tickle interrogation!

Luna does NOT like being on the receiving end of tickle torment! She thrashes, screams and goes breathless with laughter! Ticklante wants to know what’s on the chip. He’s been unable to decode it for weeks!

Can Luna take what she’s been dishing out? Will she crack? Will she be driven even more insane? Find out now!


@kimber_leexxx in I Know You’ve Been Wanting this in my New Socks


Kimber’s BF has been begging her to try to give him a footjob, especially in her awesome new bright pink socks. She has been holding out on him till today, Kimber wanted to make sure her BF really wanted it. She had just gotten these nice knee high bright pink socks and a new bra and pantie set. She starts off showing off her socks, showing you the bottom of them. Kimber then slowly starts to rub her knees over her BF’s pants teasing him. She slowly pulls out his cock and rubs her new socks all over her him getting him nice and hard. She places him in between her feet and starts to go up and down. Kimber comments on how hard he is, she takes off her socks to finish him off till he explodes all over her toes. For a first time footjob Kimber was amazing, hopefully she will come back for more

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NIKKI, MANDY, ANDI, AVI, and TRIXIE are all in bed waiting on their late friend BRITTENI to start their SLEEP OVER fun. BRITTENI walks in all upset and the girls all ask her what’s wrong as she props herself in the middle of them in bed. BRITTENI tells the girls how her boyfriend dumped her and NIKKI speaks up saying she knows how to make her feel better. All the girls know what NIKKI means and they lay BRITTENI down and strip off her shirt and skirt, leaving BRITTENI in her sexy PINK BRAN & PANTIES set. NIKKI and MANDY each go to one of BRITTENI’S FEET and start to LICK her SOLES, WORSHIPING her FEET, already making BRITTENI feel better. At the same time NIKKI and MANDY are on BRITTENI’S FEET, TRIXIE is at her BELLY BUTTON sliding her TONGUE in and out as BRITTENI moans. BRITTENI’S arms above her head is perfect for ANDI and AVI each at one of BRITTENI’S ARMPITS LICKING. BRITTENI is being LICKED top to bottom by these 5 girls. They are making BRITTENI WET with all their LICKING and WORSHIPING. In no time they will make BRITTENI ORGASM from FOOT WORSHIP, BELLY BUTTON WORSHIP, and ARMPIT WORSHIP and forget all about her ex.