Alyssas A Foot Virgin @Alyssab

22 year old Amateur Alyssa has never had anyone worship her sexy soles. As soon as she told me that I knew this was going to be interesting. After taking off her shoes I sniffed and licked her feet slowly and she started to giggle. I couldn’t help but tickle them a bit and she went nuts. Alyssa has some very soft and sensitive feet you guys are sure to enjoy, I know I did.

Tay’s Revenge on Alexis @xotaylorrazxo

Alexis is watching TV when suddenly jumped by an intruder and knocked out. This recently happened to Tay by Alexis and she’s getting revenge! She ties up Alexis and duct tapes her mouth so she can’t hear her complain. Alexis comes too and Tay begins worshiping her delicious meaty soles and sucking on her scrumptious toes! Alexis doesn’t like this as she struggles and muffles sounds of disgust thru her tape gag. Tay’s not finished with her fun on Alexis. She tickles her! She first tickles her feet and toes but soon finds out her upper body is even more ticklish. She ungags her and tickles her mercilessly. Tay loves hearing Alexis laugh and tortures her even worse getting her belly, thighs, and armpits! Tay knows her time is running short before someone gets suspicious so she knocks her out again and leaves her tied up and .

Renees Licklish Feet


19 year old Renee Marie came in for an interview and when Zoey discovered her feet were virgins she had to take full advantage. She removes Renees sandals and lightly tickles her feet making her giggle. Zoey runs her tongue from Renees heel to her toes and after that Renee let her do whatever she wanted to her feet including tickling.


Robin becomes Poison Ivy’s Foot Slave @xotaylorrazxo

Poison Ivy has broken into a home to find out a secret internet code to take over the world of the interwebs. But Robin has come to save the world and stop Ivy. Ivy is too quick and blows her magical dust into her face to make her weak and to make her fall completely mindless and under Ivy’s control. She makes Robin become her foot slave and promise to do her evil bidding. She’s hers forever!  

Pheromone Omega! @FTKL

General Gina Gambel (Mistress Maroe) orders her foot slave, Natalya Solevich (Shauna Ryanne) to take her to Ticklante’s Asiantown safe house. They surprise and ambush the masked hero and his new ally, Yun Fan (Tia Wileah)! Ticklante battles Natalya, while the general tickles Yun Fan silly! Fortunately, Yun Fan and Ticklante manage to K.O. both their foes!

General Gambel eventually awakes, tied to her shoe chair, with her feet in the air! Her long, beautiful, size 10 soles are helplessly displayed in front of the Ticklante! He sends her into frantic fits of laughter as he tickles her big feet! Feathers and fingernails ruthlessly reduce the big, bad villainess into a cackling, screaming (and very compliant) tickle prisoner!

Long, agile toes wriggle and writhe, as General Gambel reveals the function and antidote for the dreaded Pheromone Omega! But, it may already be too late to stop it from being loosed on the city!

Enjoy the foot-tickled anguish of yet another super-sexy domme, in the final episode of this series!


Jennifers Tiny Little Feet

Tiny Jennifer Bliss is barely 4’10 and has size 3 feet. When she told me she had never had them licked I had to be the first. After I pulled off her socks and my tongue hit her tasty soles I discovered they were really ticklish too. Her feet were so tiny they were easy to fit in my mouth and with her being so small she couldn’t escape the tickling either.

Bailey’s Sleepy Sensual Tickles @xotaylorrazxo

Bailey is sleeping and possibly even having a sensual dream. Simona and Tay decide to pick on her and begin to tickle her tiny little sleeping feert. She doesn’t wake up, it only seems to make her fall deeper and deeper asleep and make her dream more intense! Watch her little toes wiggle and soles wrinkle as Tay and Simona sneakily scrape their nails along her bare feet.